What Is Usually Covered by Home Insurance?

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When it comes to your home, no one wants to imagine a worst-case scenario: possibly losing your home, or needing to repair it extensively after an unforeseen catastrophe. We all fall victim to the classic thought of “it will never happen to me,” but the truth is that a fire, storm, or any kind of disaster can happen to any of us at any time. So, that’s why you want to be prepared ahead of time. You also want the assurance that, if it ever comes down to it, you’ll be fully able to restore your home. Here’s what you can expect to be covered by a homeowner’s policy in the state of Texas.

Personal Belongings

With any personal belongings like family heirlooms, expensive electronics, furniture, or other things that are affected in some way, a homeowner’s insurance policy in our state will cover the cost of the item. If you have a break-in and pieces are stolen, they are also completely insured under the policy. When it comes to special items like jewelry or other irreplaceable pieces that have been passed down through the family, we know that monetary coverage can’t restore your emotional loss. However, we hope that this information offers a degree of security that their monetary value won’t be forgotten, and it will be owed to you.

Coverage of Rebuilding and Living Expenses

Depending on your specific policy, in the event of total destruction, you will have all or at least partial coverage for the rebuilding of your home. Again, such destruction can result from a ravaging fire, a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado, or another event that has rendered your home unlivable. Additionally, while your home is being rebuilt, your policy will cover the expenses incurred in finding a temporary home, such as a hotel or another temporary living arrangement.

Legal Liability

If someone gets injured on your property or your property becomes damaged by someone, the costs of your lawyer and other legal fees are entirely covered under a Texas homeowner’s insurance policy. That is another event that is unexpected – and also frightening, if in the blink of an eye you’re in the middle of a court case. Again, enjoy peace of mind in knowing that if things get costly, you are protected by your homeowner’s policy.

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