Top 5 Advantages of Mauceri Bynum Over State Farm or Geico

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Commercial Property Insurance McKinney, TX

An insurance policy is designed to protect you and your assets. To that end, a policy should fit into your lifestyle. With your typical insurance provider, the same policy is offered to every client walking through the door. Personalization is often left by the wayside. That’s not the case at Mauceri Bynum Insurance.


With a deep history dating back to 1994, thanks to Al Mauceri, Mauceri Bynum Insurance has come a long way. For decades, we’ve provided the most comprehensive insurance coverage for clients of all types. No individual or business is too big or too small.

A Personal Touch

As we said, each insurance policy is tailored to you specifically. You’re an individual, not just a demographic. As such, you deserve insurance coverage that protects everything you have to offer. That’s our job. We examine your assets, your business, and anything that matters.

Affordable Coverage

When you go to one of the big dogs, you’ll receive a quote for the same price everyone else is paying. That price, depending on the market, is going to be high to cover operating costs for a nation-wide insurance chain. That’s not the case at Mauceri Bynum. We have the benefit of being a focused shop. Being so focused means, we can offer competitive pricing on all services.

Reliable Insurance

Insurance is designed to protect your livelihood. What good is it if it’s unreliable or the insurance company fights you?

Our insurance options have proven effective.

Varied Options

When you work with us, we’ll find the most efficient and affordable insurance policies best suited to your needs.

Our agents will consult with you directly, ensuring your needs are met. We’ll find the best insurance for your vehicle, house, and business.

Contact Us

To discuss insurance coverage options, contact Mauceri Bynum Insurance at 214-733-8400. In fact, we’re happy to discuss insurance options with you today!

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