Three TOP SECRET tips to save on your auto insurance in Texas.

Jun 16, 2016 (0) comment

With the holidays coming now is a better time then ever to review your car insurance to see if you maybe are paying too much.   With over 20 years in the insurance business we here all kind of crazy ideas on how to save on car insurance.   Here at the headquarters of Mauceri Bynum Insurance in Mckinney, Texas we are about to reveal the TOP THREE secrets on how to save money on your car insurance FOREVER!

Yes.  You heard the key words you thought you would never hear.




Texas is one of the largest auto insurance marketplaces in the entire country.  These TOP SECRET tips will teach you how to save money WHILE not reducing your coverage.

TIP #1

Increase your liability limits. I know you are saying ….what?????

How does increasing your liability limits on your car save you money??

Top secret answer.  Most insurance companies run their auto insurance pricing by algorythym.  These pricing equations are actually biased against people who carry minimum limits. The popular theory is that people who carry the lower limits of coverage are higher risks.  Higher risks mean more likely to file a claim.  More likely to file a claim means paying higher rates.

So by increasing your liability limits you acutally are telling the insurance company that you are a safer risk.  Safer risk means less likely you will file a claim.  Higher limits then mean CHEAPER INSURANCE.

The longer you carry those higher limits, the longer you will save.

Thus saving money FOREVER.  BOOM.

Here at The Mauceri Bynum Insurance based in Mckinney, Texas we understand these little nuances of insurance.  The ability to save you money and make sure you are properly covered.

Our next post will cover tip # 2 on our top three tips

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