The Secrets to Saving Money on Auto Insurance in Texas

Jun 16, 2016 (0) comment

Want to save on Auto insurance in Dallas?

How about saving money on Car Insurance in Mckinney?

Wait.. How about making your auto rates cheaper in Plano??

If you use these three secrets it will allow you to save money on your auto insurance anywhere in Texas.

I am so sure it will work.. that I guarantee it..(more on that later)

Everyday my staff runs dozens of auto insurance quotes all across Texas. Most of our clients are in the North Dallas – Ft Worth area. So the majority of our car insurance quotes are run in the Mckinney, Plano, Frisco and Dallas areas. After running dozens of quotes we have discovered three failproof methods that always lower auto insurance prices in Texas.

Secret #1

Bundle .. Bundle .. Bundle…

If you combine your auto insurance and home insurance in Texas, it will result in significant savings.

Most companies like Safeco, Travelers, Hartford and Met Life offer up to 20 % discount off of your Home Insurance AND your car insurance!!

The average home insurance policy in Mckinney TX costs about $1000

If you bundle your auto insurance with your home insurance in Mckinney it will reduce that price down to $800 a year. Thats quite a bit of savings.

So Call your agent ASAP and ask if you are getting yoru multi policy discount!

Secret #2

Raise your liability limits.

In Texas the minimum requirement for liability limits is $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident. What most companies dont tell you is more is cheaper in the long run.

Example ..

I had an customer call me for a quote. he was with an Allstate agent in Plano. He was unsure of his current liability limits. When I ran the quote we ran it in two scenarios..

1- I ran his quote with prior liability limits of 100/300

2- I ran his auto insurance quote with prior limits of 30/60..

In example #1 his auto insurance price was $1200 a year

In example two the cost for car insurance was $1600 a year.

That was a difference of $400 savings a year for carrying higher prior liability limits.

Not only is that a good thing to save money.. it is better coverage to protect yourself.

Secret #3

Get a smart agent

The smartest thing to do is make sure you get an agent you feel comfortable with. The benefits of having an agent is to allow someone to guide you on these choices. No agent is perfect. When you are shopping for insurance it is wise not to shop on price alone. Shop on value. Insurance is just like everything else.. you get what you pay for.

Now to the guarantee.. if you would like to put these secrets into action.. give us a call at


and have us quote your home and auto..

if we cant save you money… lunch is on me!

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