How to File An Insurance Claim

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Insurance companies shell out billions of dollars in loss claims annually, partly due to extreme weather conditions and other turmoil. That’s just for homeowners insurance. Auto insurance providers are shocked at the rise in injuries and higher claims costs in recent years, too. More people need to know how to file an insurance claim properly. We’re here to help!

Car Insurance

Whenever an accident occurs involving another vehicle or individual, call the police and document the entire scene. We recommend taking pictures and jotting down eyewitness accounts. The police will do the same.

When the time comes, phone up your insurance provider after seeing to yourself. Never skip reporting a crash just because of sympathy for the other driver. While you are not required to file a claim, doing so may ensure you receive the financial capabilities to pay for damages.

The insurance company may be pressuring you to repair your vehicle in their direct-repair program or use cheaper replacement parts. You are under zero obligation to accept either. Many non-OEM vehicle parts fit poorly, rust and corrode faster, and some do not even achieve federal safety standards.

Homeowner’s Insurance

When it comes to filing an insurance claim on your homeowner’s insurance, do not be nervous or scared. First, make sure your family is safe, and that emergency personnel have been called.

When filing a claim, report the loss to your insurance agent at your earliest convenience. Your insurer will mail over the proper claim forms, which you should return promptly. Next, an insurance adjuster will visit the site. Be sure they see everything. Ask for a copy of their report and scrutinize the document for any mistakes.

If problems arise, speak with an attorney promptly.

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