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Saving money on your home. Mauceri Bynum Insurance in McKinney, Texas.

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At Mauceri Bynum, we are always looking out for our clients, especially when it comes to finding ways to save them money. We also know the importance of having home insurance, and would hate for you to consider (even for a minute!) getting rid of your policy or dropping some coverage due to cost. Here are some compiled tips regarding ways to save money on your home insurance.


Maybe this one is a little obvious, but you might be surprised to find out just how many discount opportunities that policies can offer. Some big factors for providing discounts include whether your home is emergency-proofed, such as having functioning smoke alarms and burglar alarm systems. Another is whether or not you have filed a claim in a certain number of years, or even your age! The next time you speak with your agent, make sure that you ask about possible discounts.

Multiple Policy Discount

Or in other words, bundling your policies. There is usually some degree of savings if you purchase multiple forms of insurance from the same place. By combining policies, there could be a good sum of money removed from the total cost.

Raising Your Deductible

In the same article from Money Talks News, they give an example of the savings possible by raising your deductible. When going from a deductible of $500 to $1,000, that one simple step would take 25% off your premium. If the out-of-pocket cost would be daunting if the worst ever occurred to your home, it’s recommended that you put more money into your emergency fund, just in case.

Keep a Healthy Credit Score

We’ll just remind you that a great credit score can be very important to your financial health. You may not even realize, however, just how much money a healthy credit score can save you on your premiums. It will also give you a wider pick of agencies willing to insure you, because you have proven your reliability.

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