Home Insurance Rates in Texas to Increase in 2013

Jun 16, 2016 (0) comment

If you live in Texas and you own a home you will be paying more for home insurance in 2013.  This is a fact.  How do I know.. well its simple math…

Why Your Rates are going UP

Over the last year or so Texas has been hammered by horrible weather

-Hail claims in the Dallas Metroplex (Mckinney, Frisco, Plano have been hit the hardest)

-Wildfires in Austin

-Coastal storms in Houston

As a result the major insurance companies (STATE FARM, ALLSTATE,FARMERS,NATIONWIDE INSURANCE)  have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in homeowner claims.

Now here is the catch… in Texas, weather related claims are not chargeable to the person who makes the claim.  So all those folks that filed claims will not see their rates directly go up.  The hundreds of millions of dollars that was spent is socialized to all home insurance customers throughout the state of Texas.

So even though you may not have made a claim last year because of weather, you rates will be adjusted to cover the claims that were paid.

For example..

Farmers has annonced a home insurance rate change of up to 15%

State Farm has taken up to 20% rate increase over the past year.

Allstate has taken similar rate action.

Q. So what is a Texas home insurance customer to do?


An independent agency can shop your insurance over multiple companies to find you the best rate.  Here  at the Mauceri Bynum agency we have had great success at saving you money on your home or auto insurance.

You can give us a call at 214-733-8400 or visit us on the web at


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