Farmers takes second rate hike

Jun 16, 2016 (0) comment

If you are with Farmers Insurance your home insurance prices are likely to be going up.  In an article published by the Merlin Law Group ( a consumer advocacy firm)  the large Texas insurer is taking its second rate hike this year.

In spring of 2012 Farmers home insurance customers took a 10% rate increase… followed by a second rate increase of another 15%.  The article did not state if the two rate hikes would be compounded or not.

If they are compounded that would lead to a possible increase of 25% for Texas home insurance customers.

Wow… thats alot of rate increases.

I see Farmers Insurance commercials all the time on TV.  They are on all the prime time shows and sporting events.  I hope that Farmers Insurance policyholders in Texas think of them as they pay 25% more this year (and thereafter..) get angry about it…?

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