Collision Coverage

Jun 16, 2016 (0) comment

This week in our continuing series of Insurance articles, we will take a look at another of the highly important coverages to look for on any auto insurance quote you receive from any of the insurance companies out there, your collision coverage.

Last week we talked about Liability coverage, which looks out for you in case you damage someone else’s property or person.  What do you do to cover your own car when you are at fault?  What if in an accident that you are at fault for, you damage your personal car?  That’s what collision is for.  Collision covers you in an instance where you collide with another vehicle or object – and you are at fault. (If you aren’t at fault the other driver’s insurance will generally cover you.  There are exceptions to this, which we’ll discuss when we get to Uninsured coverage).

If you are driving around the streets of Dallas, or Keller, Frisco, or Plano – or anywhere in the DFW area – and you don’t have any collision coverage on your car, you will not be covered to any damage your car sustains in an accident where you are at fault.  You will have to pay for any coverage out of your own pocket.  A lot of the time when customers call our office here in McKinney, they want to get the most affordable auto insurance they can find – sometimes at the expense of their collision coverage.  As a local insurance agent, we make sure that they understand that though they will be getting a cheap auto insurance quote, they will be lacking very important coverage.

It is for this reason we generally recommend our customers carry collision coverage. Regardless if they are with carriers we represent such as: Safeco, Metlife, Travelers, or Encompass – or through some of the captive carriers such as Nationwide, Statefarm or Allstate,

If you have any questions on Collision coverage, or are looking to add it to your auto policy you can find us on Facebook, or email us at If you’re ready for a free insurance quote, you can submit your information on our home page, or call us at 214-733-8400.

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