Can your insurance provider decline a claim?

Oct 21, 2022

Insurance Claim

Can your insurance provider decline a claim?

Insurance companies reject valid and reasonable claims for a variety of reasons. Your claim can be rejected, for instance, if your accident was preventable or if your actions contributed to it. If you have acted in a way that invalidates your insurance policy, an insurance company may also reject a claim from you. If the defendant's car was being driven by someone who was not licensed or was excluded from the defendant's insurance policy at the time of the collision, your claim could also be rejected due to the risks the insurers associate with uninsured drivers.

According to the evidence of witnesses who were there during the collision or for the cause of the loss, most claims with documented damage are genuine, and the claim will typically be approved without issue. However, certain situations are a little hazy, and there are a number of reasons why an insurance claim may be rejected, including:

  • Your claim is more than the coverage
  • You broke the law during/causing the accident
  • You did not report the accident in a timely manner
  • Original application discrepancies

In addition to these typical justifications for denial, insurance companies may also reject claims for reasons that are illegitimate and may suggest bad faith behavior.