Auto Insurance and Your Summer Road Trip

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Like many people, you may be preparing for a summer road trip across the country. You’ll most likely start by checking your tire pressure, the spare tire in the trunk, and the fluids in the engine. Unfortunately, most people completely forego their auto insurance. Instead, they believe their insurance provider will simply cover their trip without question. You’ll need to be prepared for an unexpected surprise while driving cross-country. First things first, you may want to call your insurance provider and get all the details.

How Location Affects Coverage

Every state has different minimum liability coverage requirements for vehicle owners. If you purchase an inexpensive, low-coverage plan in your home state, you may not hold enough coverage elsewhere. Thankfully, most policies include a broadcasting clause. This provision is designed to increase the coverage to the bare minimum in whatever state the driver happens to be in. Should the policy not have the clause, though, road trippers may want to explore the minimum liability rates at their destination. Increasing coverage is an option for many.

Are Additional Drivers Covered?

Most people venture forth with a friend or two during a summer road trip. After a few hours at the wheel, most of us will be tired and looking for some rest. But is your friend covered by your insurance policy?

Many insurance policies offer additional driver coverage, which is worth considering for a road trip alone. It is important that the owner of the vehicle understand the risks involved with another person driving, especially without coverage. You’ll want to explore further coverage options well before the trip begins.

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