What Are the Different Types of Commercial Insurance in North Texas?

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Types of Commercial Insurance in North TexasThe right commercial insurance policy is what you’ll rely on in a time of crisis. Many business owners don’t know, however, just how many types there are. Without the right coverage, you could be faced with major expenses or even lawsuits depending on the scenario. Here are the main types of commercial insurance we offer to our North Texas clients at Mauceri Bynum Insurance; all are worth serious consideration to rotect your business.

General Liability Commercial Insurance

General liability insurance is the jumping off point for commercial insurance policies, and it may be all you need in the way of liability coverage. This insurance has the business’ back in the event of an expensive claim against them, such as an injury in the workplace. A business has options when selecting their maximum on coverage, but keep in mind that things like medical bills and legal fees add up quickly.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers a wide range of instances that could happen within a commercial business, encompassing damage to the building’s physical structure or personal property located within it. From tangible items like furniture or computers to lost income if business operations are suspended for a time for a covered event, it’s grouped under a commercial property insurance policy. But, these policies are often modified based on the business’ needs. All you have to do is talk to an agent to see if you need to add additional coverage or change providers. But, commercial property insurance is necessary to cover all building and personal property losses.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is important to purchase if your business relies on vehicles for day-to-day operations, owns vehicles, leases them, or rents them from others. It also covers the cost of personal injury if you or an employee is in an accident. Commercial auto insurance policies are similar to personal auto insurance policies in structure, but
they have key differences that are worth discussing when selecting the comprehensive policy for your needs. These policies are typically fairly customizable, and different providers may offer better rates.

Workers Compensation Commercial Insurance

While the State of Texas doesn’t require business owners to have workers compensation insurance, our team at Mauceri Bynum Insurance offers it because of its importance. This type of commercial insurance policy covers the cost of medical payments and lost wages if one of your employees is injured in the workplace. If a serious accident occurs and the injured employee passes away, the policy compensates the family. This policy also offers legal protection for your business.

Find the Commercial Insurance You Need at Mauceri Bynum Insurance

There are many commercial insurance policies on the market to purchase. Finding the best one based on your individual business is our job. Call Mauceri Bynum Insurance today at 214-733-8400 to get set up with the right commercial insurance.

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