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Jun 16, 2016 (0) comment

Every week here at the Mauceri Group we take a look at some of the coverages that are important to focus on when you’re looking over any auto insurance or home insurance quote from any of the major insurance companies.  By doing so, we hope to educate you enough so that you can get the cheapest insurance, with the best possible coverages.  This week we’ll be looking at two aspects of auto insurance coverage: Medical payments, and personal injury protection.

Personal injury protection (PIP), and medical payments are similar coverages offered by the major insurance companies such as: Safeco, Travelers, Metlife, Nationwide, or State Farm.  Both coverages protect you by providing compensation for medical bills in case of an accident.  So for example, if you are driving around the DFW area, let’s say in Plano, and you are involved in an accident where you are injured – both PIP and Medical Payments will pay for hospital bills you might incur because of any bodily injury you might suffer, up to the stated limit in the policy.

Let’s say, however that in this accident in Plano, you are driving with a passenger from Frisco who is also injured in the accident.  PIP and Medical Payments will also pay for the hospital bills for this passenger as well, up to the stated limit in the policy.

As a local insurance agency here in McKinney, we often are asked when we are examining the free insurance quotes we provide our customers, what is the difference between PIP and Medical Payments?  While I mentioned earlier that both coverages cover your medical bills – PIP also covers more options.  Personal Injury Protection coverage in your auto insurance, will also cover you and your passengers for various other coverages depending on your policy, for example loss of wages or funeral expenses. Medical payments strictly cover your medical bills.

It is important to discuss these options with your local insurance agent, as often times you can receive cheap auto insurance, while still getting the best possible coverage.  If you have any questions about PIP or Medical pay you can find us on  Facebook, or email us at  If you’re ready for a free insurance quote, you can contact us, or call us at 214-733-8400.

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