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Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions

May 30 2014 If you're like most people, there are certain items you own that you can't imagine ever losing - possessions you deeply cherish or those that would be impossible to replace due to the cost of re-purchasing them or simply because they're irreplaceable.... more

A Little Extra Caution Can Go a Long Way While Driving at Night

Apr 4 2014 While fall and winter have their own pleasures, longer nights mean increased danger on the roads. You might think you drive just as well at night, but consider this: Even though nighttime driving accounts for just 23% of vehicle miles traveled, more than 50%... more

Home Security Tips

Mar 10 2014 Everyone wants to keep their home safe from burglars or intruders, but not everyone wants to have an alarm system installed. There are plenty of people who prefer the do-it-yourself route, whether it's home improvement or home security. And nowadays, there... more

A Different Season Means Different Dangers For Motorcyclists

Oct 4 2013 Fall is a wonderful time to be outside on your bike, thanks to the crisp, cool weather and changing colors of the landscape. Staying safe on the road in autumn requires some special precautions, however. Because we at Mauceri-Bynum Insurance want you to be... more

When Things go BOOM in the Night - Fireworks Safety

Jul 1 2013 For most of us, the Fourth of July is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, having fun and creating memories - whether at home or away But for some families, the holiday is a nightmare. Each year, homes in Texas are damaged by wayward fireworks.... more

A Time to Celebrate Mothers

May 1 2013 As the second Sunday of May nears, it's time to think of ways to celebrate mothers - although, of course, that's a worthy pursuit at any time of year! At Mauceri-Bynum Insurance, we thought it would be fun to give you a little of the history behind Mother's... more

It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

Apr 1 2013 Spring is a time of new beginnings in Texas - and now is a great time to take on some cleaning and organization tasks around your home. If you're anything like many of us here at Mauceri-Bynum Insurance, some of these tasks are long overdue! Here are some... more

Get Ready to Safely 'Spring Forward'

Mar 1 2013 Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 10, 2013, for most places in the United States, so don't forget to set your clock forward one hour. We here at Mauceri-Bynum Insurance want to remind you it's also a great time to improve your family's safety. Be safe... more

Be the Pinnacle of Health & Wellness This Winter

Feb 1 2013 It goes without saying that keeping yourself and your family healthy through the winter months in Texas can be a challenge. When you combine chillier temps, housebound days - not to mention kids passing around colds at school like they're playing "Hot Potato"... more

Make Sure Your Holidays Stay Happy … and Safe

Dec 3 2012 You'll no doubt hear the phrase "Happy Holidays!" about a thousand times over the next month. Here at Mauceri-Bynum Insurance, we'd like to change that a little bit: "Happy - and Safe - Holidays!" While the holidays certainly bring cheer here in McKinney,... more

Halloween Safety: Be Ready When the Little Goblins Come Out

Oct 2 2012 It's a night full of treats for both kids and adults in McKinney. But a number of factors - including lots of people walking in the dark, the threat of wet and stormy weather, strangers coming to your door - mean that Halloween in Texas can have some tricks... more

When the Kids Head for College, Put “Insurance 101" on Your Class List

Sep 5 2012 It's an exciting time when your child heads off to college. Whether they're attending school in Texas or have moved all the way across the country, there were a ton of things to get done last month, but did you remember to look over their insurance needs? Don'... more

Want to Save on Auto Insurance? Take a Defensive Driving Class.

Jun 25 2012 Every week here at the Mauceri Group, we discuss aspects of a free insurance quote that are important to look for when you're looking to save money with one of the major insurance companies, or through your local insurance agent. This week, we will be taking... more

How To Get The Most Affordable Insurance Prices

Jun 18 2012 Each week here at the Mauceri Group, we offer insurance articles focusing on how to get the most affordable insurance prices you can find. This week we'll be looking more at the discounts available from companies such as: Safeco, Statefarm, Nationwide, ... more

Discounts For Good Students

Jun 11 2012 Every week here at the Mauceri Group, we discuss aspects of a free insurance quote, that are important to look for when you're looking to save money with one of the major insurance companies, or through your local insurance agent. This week, we will be taking... more

Consider Umbrella Protection

Jun 4 2012 Every week at the Mauceri Group it is our goal to provide you with a free informative insurance article. We want to make sure that you get a cheap quote, while still understanding all the coverages you may need from your local insurance agent. A policy many... more

A Home Inventory Will Help You Know What You Own

Jun 1 2012 Why should I have a home inventory? - Your furniture and appliances, clothing, sports or hobby equipment, and electronic goods are all regarded as personal property. Like many people in Texas, you may own much more than you realize. Comparing the value of... more

Optimize Your Discounts

May 28 2012 Every week here at the Mauceri Group, we discuss aspects of a free insurance quote that are important to look for when you're looking to save money with one of the major insurance companies, or through your local insurance agent. This week, we will be taking... more

Discount Options for Auto Insurance in McKinney, Texas

May 21 2012 Each week here at the Mauceri Group, we offer insurance articles focusing on how to get the most affordable insurance prices you can find. We've spent the last few months looking at coverages for homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Beginning this week,... more

Understanding Auto Insurance in McKinney, Texas

Apr 16 2012 This week, in our continuing series of insurance articles on the coverage you should understand when you're looking over an auto insurance quote from the big insurance companies, we'll be taking a look at a specific element of comprehensive and collision... more

Tornadoes Happen Every Year - Are You Prepared?

Apr 2 2012 You don't have to be directly hit by a tornado in Texas to experience damage. Taking some time to prepare could save you thousands of dollars and hours of clean-up. Know What Your Insurance Covers and How Much You Need - In an average year, 800 are reported... more

Collision Coverage

Apr 2 2012 This week in our continuing series of Insurance articles, we will take a look at another of the highly important coverages to look for on any auto insurance quote you receive from any of the insurance companies out there, your collision coverage. Last week we... more

Liability Coverage in McKinney, TX

Mar 5 2012 Continuing our weekly series of free insurance articles looking into the coverage you'll find on a free insurance homeowners quote, this week we'll be looking at Liability coverage. Liability coverage is an enormously important coverage to look at when... more

Prepare for Driving In Bad Weather Before You Hit the Road

Feb 1 2012 Rain, fog, sleet, snow, ice and wind... bad weather is the enemy of every driver in Texas. Mauceri-Bynum Insurance wants you and your employees to be safe. Even if you are satisfied that your vehicle and all of its components are in good operating condition,... more

McKinney Dwelling Insurance

Jan 23 2012 Purchasing a home is one of the smartest investments you can make, one that requires a great deal of time and research. New Homeowners have to consider a number of factors: Location, school zones, inspections. As important as all these are however, your Home... more

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Car

Jan 3 2012 Buying a new car is an exciting time - but it can also be stressful. After all, you're trying to get the best deal on price, while also deciding on the make, model and features you need. We can't really help you become a master negotiator when it comes to... more

Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

Dec 1 2011 Drafty windows. Leaky faucets. Dirty air filters. All are common issues here in Texas, and they're not only annoying - they also cost you money in decreased energy efficiency and higher utility bills. Would you like to save $200 to $400 a year on your energy... more

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Winter

Nov 2 2011 Summer has ended, but there's no need to fret: Fall brings with it crisp, cool days, wonderful colors - and football season! It also brings with it a few maintenance tasks that Mauceri-Bynum Insurance recommends to help ensure your home is ready for fall and... more

Understanding Identity Theft

Oct 3 2011 Your identity belongs to you. Here are some suggestions from Mauceri-Bynum Insurance to help you protect it. One smart and effective way to protect yourself against identity theft is to prevent it. If your identity is stolen, you'll be able to lessen... more

Disaster Preparedness, FEMA and More

Sep 2 2011 If the unthinkable happens, Mauceri-Bynum Insurance understands that your most valuable assets are more than just items on a balance sheet. That information is critical during a time of catastrophe. Sites to Check Out The following sites are additional... more

Dealing With a Water Emergency

Jun 9 2011 It's happened. There's water everywhere - in your walls, under your carpets and soaking into your belongings. Whether caused by a burst pipe, a broken water heater or flooding, there are things you can do immediately to salvage belongings and limit damage... more

Figure Out Your Car Insurance Needs

Jun 3 2011 When choosing car insurance, you want complete coverage for the best price. There's a lot to think about when choosing your car insurance. In some states, to license your car you must: Carry liability coverage for damages incurred by others if you cause an... more

Childproofing Your Home

May 25 2011 Every year, five million infants and children are injured, sometimes even fatally, in their own homes. Find out how to best childproof your house and make it safe for your children. Spokespersons: Dr. Heather Paul, National Safe Kids Campaign; Bonnie... more

Motorcycle Insurance: Ride More, Worry Less.

May 18 2011 Lowering the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in Texas - Simple steps can lead to savings in your pocket. Spending less money is much easier than perfecting your tight turns at high speeds on a gravel road. Take a look at some simple ways to lower your Texas... more

Living on Shaky Ground in McKinney TX

Apr 17 2011 Believe it or not, every state in the U.S. has some degree of risk from earthquakes, including Texas. If you live in an area susceptible to earthquakes, make sure you speak with us in order to determine whether you are covered, or if you should purchase... more

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